“Assisting male teenagers in their transition from boyhood to manhood.”

  • Benefits of the Program

    We offer mentoring services to youth and help them see role models in their own community.

    • Youth learn and understand the importance of wellness, care for the body, mind and soul

    • Youth develop self-esteem and strategies to successfully deal with societal issues such as gun violence, drug addiction, bullying, etc.

    • Youth develop leadership skills through participation in camps and recreational activities•

    • Youth improve attendance at school and develop respect for authority and self

  • • Youth develop and use their mind to the fullest capacity to achieve optimal academic achievement free of violence.

    • We help improve parent-child relations through parenting sesions and counselling services

    Research shows that boys of African and Caribbean descent excel with support in and out of the home. The ROPE program help provide that support to excellence.

  • Contact Information

    Rope Program
    Ph: 647-746-3983


    Our Partners

    The Lions Circle is an organization devoted to growing men of African heritage to be leaders and mentors in their community.
    Website: www.thelionscircle.com

    Advent Family Services (AFS) is an organization that provides services and programs to maintain, strengthen, and improve the lives of families and individuals and to facilitate growth through an integrated approach to mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Website: www.adventfamilyservices.com

    Current sponsor: Advent Family Services (AFS)
    Previous funder: African-Canadian Christian Network (ACCN)

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Mothers & their Young Black Sons

ROPE is a rite of passage experience program designed to assist black male teenagers (aged 13 to 18) lead lives free of violence while strenghtening the family.

The ROPE program recruits, trains and matches black teenage boys (mentees) with competent and respectable black adult males (mentors) to form mentor-mentee relations.

Program staff provides supportive counselling services to assist all participants – mentors, mentees and their mothers - achieve a successful outcome.

Register With ROPE Program NOW by calling (647) 746 - 3983
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